In this age, we are no longer forced to buy only games from big companies like Sony or Microsoft. Many of the major game-makers actually employ or borrow from amateur gamers and modders who make their own hacked games. Game Dat Boom is an example of great games created by independent people and smaller companies.


Need a Big Name?

Just like finding and listening to obscure bands with great new sounds, people do like playing a smaller-run game of high quality. It's because the element of surprise is important within a game, as well as surrounding it — we should be totally surprised by the games we play, right?

Of course, we should be surprised. It's also fun to surprise others by giving them a good recommendation — just like everything else that is valuable, like music too, it's the same with games.


Think Again

If all the big game studios are fishing for ideas and often stealing them from amateurs or professional players, then why wouldn't you want to experience the freshest game-play before similiar stuff is offered by big brands? 

You can do that — it just takes a little bit of creativity, and maybe an extra moment of your time, or, just opening up to other players who can point you in the right direction.


Everything usually works in both directions. We, as independent game-makers, also soak up what we see in the mainstream, but mostly in order to take what we see to the next level.

Did you know, for example, that the top online casinos are starting to use games by smaller studios? This is the age for awesome games made by the people for the people!