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  1. Bill Michel


    Hey Harvey,
    You got any links to articles/letters from the Stanford Professor you quote from
    your personal e-mail. When I’m trying to educate friends, it’s kinda weird to
    say, “hey look at this e-mail that Dr. So-and-so sent to Harvey Wasserman…”
    Thanks for all your good work.
    Bill Michel
    Redwood City CA

  2. Judy Frankel


    Hi Harvey,
    I look forward to moderating the event at Jan & Jerry’s on Sunday where you will be featured. Since I’m the moderator, I thought it would be great to touch base with you. I sent you my phone number. Please call me or send your phone number.

  3. Gary Itano


    Hi Harvey,
    Please add me to your mailing list.
    Also, per our phone conversation set up by Alan Minsky. I happened to catch your show on KPFK at 11:00AM on Tuesday, 8/16, when I heard our exchange in the last 10 minutes, but haven’t seen it published for download in neither the KPFK nor prn.fm archives. As I am preparing a follow-up teach-in on Fukushima, in which I originally participated in May of 1015, I wonder if there is a way to obtain a copy. If not available via download, I can send you a USB stick with SASE.
    Gary Itano
    P.S. As I closely monitor NHK World TV for Fukushima information, I was wondering whether you have seen this article:
    Utilities to check forged steel in all reactors
    Power utilities in Japan have found that all their reactors use steel components made in the same way as supposedly weak French products. They are now set to check the durability of the components in question.
    This report is of particular note, as both the Japanese and French are “highly” (no doubt excessively) regarded for their technological “competency.” It caught my attention related my attendance at the Florida nuclear industry conference that I mentioned in our chat. During the closing session Q&A, I voiced concern over the ability of emerging economies to construct & operate “100% error intolerant” technologies, such as nuclear, due their notorious reputation of corruption & regulatory short cutting. The question was the first to be addressed and was included in the conference proceedings CD.

  4. Virginia Browning

  5. Reply
  6. sandy


    I am writing PBS Newshour to have you and Greg Palast on. I know, very long shot, yet, yesterday they talked about voter fraud etc. So, I will give them you email address. Just a heads-up in case somehow the stars line-up and you get on the show.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Be well,

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